Herpes Treatment Profile:

Dynamiclear is an antiviral topical solution made from ingredients proven effective against the herpes virus. Dynamiclear is highly effective at ending an outbreak quickly. Once applied to an outbreak, pain and tingling cease and blisters disappear. The entire outbreak area is often completely healed within 3-4 days.

Regular use of Dynamiclear reportedly reduces the frequency and severity of future outbreaks. A small number of people have reported that their outbreaks have ended altogether.

Most users report that Dynamiclear is more effective than prescription medication at ending outbreaks. The cost of Dynamiclear is less than $1 per treatment, which is considerably less than prescription medications.

Dynamiclear Benefits:

  • Kills virus on contact by destroying the virus DNA.
  • Visible signs of outbreaks are typically gone within 72 hours.
  • One bottle treats many outbreaks, lasts over a year for most people.
  • Proven effective in clinical studies.

Dynamiclear Effectiveness:

Medical research has shown the active ingredients in Dynamiclear to be effective at killing the herpes virus. The active ingredients include copper ions, sulphates, and St. Johns wort.

Dynamiclear Research Studies:

Medical studies seem to support the effectiveness of the main ingredients in Dynamiclear. Multiple studies confirmed that copper ions due in fact inactivate the herpes virus:

“Mechanism of copper-mediated inactivation of herpes simplex virus.”
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1997 Apr;41(4):812-7

“[Herpes Simplex] Virus inactivation by copper or iron ions alone and in the presence of peroxide.”
Appl Environ Microbiol. 1993 Dec;59(12):4374-6..

Studies of Dynamiclear involving herpes patients showed very promising results:

“The vesicles [blisters] disappeared in 96.6% patients in the Dynamiclear group... 89.6% patients showed resolution of symptoms [burning, stinging, itching] in the Dynamiclear group... 92.6% patients in the Dynamiclear group showed relief in symptoms of erythema [redness, inflamation]”

Dynamiclear Pros:

  • Kills herpes virus on contact.
  • Stops HSV outbreaks fast.
  • Relieve pain, itching, discomfort almost immediately.
  • Reduces outbreak frequency and severity.
  • Herpes outbreaks usually completely healed in 72 hours.
  • Proven effective in clinical trials.
  • Guaranteed results – full refund offered.

Dynamiclear Cons:

  • Treatment burns and stings when applied.
  • Initial cost is a little high, but since a bottle lasts so long it is very economical in the long run.

Dynamiclear Summary

Dynamiclear is a very popular treatment. It has been throughly time-tested. It is very effective at ending outbreaks quickly. It also seems to reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks with prolonged use. It probably won't permanently end all outbreaks, but it definitely does stop individual outbreaks very quickly. Everyone should keep a bottle of this on hand and begin using at the first sign of an outbreak.

Author's Personal Experience:

I am very happy with my personal experience with this product. Dynamiclear is one of the most effective treatments I have ever used. It's greatest benefit is that it ends outbreaks very quickly. It reduces the pain, itching, and discomfort of the outbreak almost immediately! The sores begin healing within hours of treatment. With regular use, my outbreaks have continued to decline in frequency and severity just as others reported. This is one weapon you must have in your arsenal! (J. Stuttmier)

Herpes Cure Scorecard:

Positive User Testimonials: Dynamiclear has hundreds of positive user testimonials.
Available Online: Dynamiclear is available online.
Claims Supported By Research: Effects of Dynamiclear and its effective ingredients are supported by scientific research studies.
No Prescription Required: No prescription is required for Dynamiclear.

Dynamiclear Testimonials:

I was diagnosed with herpes early this year, I felt horrible about it and was ashamed. I began getting outbreaks 2-3 times a month or more, and it started to affect me emotionally.

Than one day I found Dynamiclear and ordered it right away, I am so happy with this product it made my breakouts decrease dramatically it's a great feeling to not have to deal with breakouts as often or at all.

Dynamiclear has stopped the reoccuring breakouts and made it so that after getting it just once and applying Dynamiclear on the spot I never get a breakout on the same spot again. Thank you so much!!

S.C., Las Vegas, Nevada


H.J., Brevard County, Florida

I`ve already bought Dynamiclear and its the BEST no doubt about that.It`s only minor problems now. The bottle is still almost full and always ready for any outbreak which became very rare.There`s no other effective product like your Dynamiclear;...none that I know of anyway. You deserve a BIG THANKS....

P.G., Malta

hello............recently used product for the 3rd time each time the outbreak has been less severe in every way!!! the comment i really wanted to make is this.........that is what dynamiclear has done for my psychological wellness.


"have battled with this for 16 long years and know well how to minimize outbreaks with diet, supplements , and lifestyle. the fear itself of another outbreak is an ongoing factor that one has to deal with psychologically which it self is a contributory factor in outbreaks.iam starting to have some real peace of mind as of the last 3 progressively mild outbreaks. i ALMOST want to say bring it on.iam starting to feel empowered knowing that i can reliably have an episode gone in 4 days with less inflammation and pain each time.

i sure hope this trend continues or rather doesn't continue until i don't have out breaks! i feel better about this than i have in 16 years so wanted to thankyou from the bottom of my heart"

S.P., Laguna Beach, California

I used to get 2-3 outbreaks a year. I used Dyanmiclear on the last two and it has now been 18 months. Thanks

Submitted anonymously by 'Mark'

Dynamiclear Sources:

Dynamiclear is available online exclusively at Dynamiclear.com





Supporting Herpes Research:

Treatment of HSV-infected cells with combinations of Cu(II) and ascorbate completely inhibited virus...
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The vesicles [blisters] disappeared in 96.6% patients in the Dynamiclear group... 89.6% patients showed resolution of symptoms [burning, stinging, itching] in the Dynamiclear group... 92.6% patients in the Dynamiclear group showed relief in symptoms of erythema [redness, inflamation]
Dynamiclear Clinical Trials