Combat Herpes Naturally With Vitamins and Supplements

By Chris Robertson

With so many people affected by the herpes virus, there has certainly been a lot of research conducted to determine the causes and affects of herpes. There are also many possible treatments available today in the form of vitamins and supplements as well as prescription medications. Many are turning to natural supplements for relief from outbreaks and to help lessen the severity of their herpes outbreaks.

The most prevalent attributing factor in herpes outbreaks is a weak immune system. The body's immune system naturally works to fight off infections and viruses, but when it is weak, the immune system cannot do its job properly.

If you have the herpes virus, it can remain dormant in your body for long periods of time until it is triggered. Once it has been triggered, the herpes virus becomes active and your body may start displaying an outbreak in the form of cold sores (herpes virus 1) or genital herpes (herpes virus 2).

Once active, herpes weakens the immune system because the body is spending its energy fighting off the herpes virus. Meanwhile, this can cause you to be more susceptible to other infections and diseases. With a strong, healthy immune system, your body can fight the herpes virus and help prevent outbreaks or at least lessen the severity and frequency of their occurrences.

Natural Supplements for Herpes

Ideally, you'll want to keep your body's immune system up to par so you can combat herpes at all times and hopefully avoid as many outbreaks as possible. With vitamins and supplements, you can do this easily without visiting a doctor or pharmacy every time you experience an outbreak.

There are quite a few natural multivitamins that blend certain ingredients and herbs to help strengthen the immune system. One such product is ImmunaSure, which blends three main active ingredients to support immune system function. Its main ingredients are astragalus, lemon balm, and de-odorized garlic. This multivitamin was co-developed by Dr. John Sherman, a doctor who has helped treat thousands of patients with herpes, cold sores, and other immune disorders for 30 years.

Other supplements often used in the treatment of herpes or in strengthening the immune system include zinc, vitamin B complex, L-Lysine, colloidal silver, acidophilus, echinacea, olive leaf, vitamin A, vitamin C, spirulina, tea tree oil, and essential fatty acids.

It's important to find the right blend for your body and for your specific needs. Some multivitamins work well with herpes virus 1 while others are better suited to help with herpes virus 2. Most vitamins and supplements contain a blend of multiple ingredients and herbs, not only one. Check labels to find out which ingredients are included in each multivitamin, and be sure to consult with your doctor if you have other health conditions or if you are taking other medications already. Let your doctor know what type of herpes natural supplement you wish to try and what ingredients are involved.

Vitamins and supplements will not cure herpes altogether, but they can make living with herpes much easier. You can now order natural supplements online to strengthen the immune system and start enjoying relief very soon!

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